Mkay, you persuaded me
Mkay, you persuaded me
Mkay, you persuaded me
Mkay, you persuaded me

    Mkay, you persuaded me

    R 50.00

      Suede is a soft and versatile fabric, thinner than the feel of leather and therefore softer. The faux suede material is woven into a thin, soft, but very tough fabric. The look and feel of the suede fabric brings about a certain level of class, but still a little badass!

      *All Oliver Scrunch scrunchies have been made with specific measurements to ensure consistency and quality. The fabric type, as well as the fabric thickness and texture, will visually affect these measurements but are all the exact same size. They have been designed for the perfect one twist application for an all day hold.   

      *Floral scrunchies may differ slightly in pattern and colour to the product image itself due to the design of the fabric.  

      *Measurements above are diameter ranges when the product is lying flat. Fabric texture and type will affect these dimensions.


      The petite size is perfect for thinner or shorter hair, for all day hold on your wrist or simply for a more understated look. The Petite looks best as wrist candy, top buns, ponytails and works on girls aged 5+ with lots of curly locks.


      The original size – suits all hair types, a timeless look for scrunchies for any time, any place.


      The oversized variation really pops in any style, creating a classic yet beautiful hair accessory. Looks best on buns and ponytails and a statement wrist accessory! Designed to really turn heads, we only have oversized in selected prints so keep an eye out for these.