Where did the name Oliver Scrunch come from?

We loved the idea of having a unique name, initially we wanted to call the business " Olivers " after our dog, but all the handles were taken. When looking at our cute scrunched up dogs noses we couldn't deny the rolling of the tongue and the perfect relationship between a Boston Terriers scrunched up nose and a scrunchie.

Who makes the scrunchies?

Both the co-founders play a part in sourcing, stripping and sewing, our employee Zama, does the finishing off with the elastic and closing of the seam and inserting the tag on the most part but also makes them from start to finish at times.

Do you do gifting?

Yes we do - if you want to gift someone the joy of a bunch of scrunchies please go to our " gifting " tab on our website, easy to follow steps, you will get a box, custom ribbon, custom tissue paper, and you can select a card for the occasion. 

How much are the scrunchies?

Our scrunchies range from R35 to R80, this depends on the size of the scrunchie. This fee covers all the costs of the scrunchie from the quality material that we select, to a strong elastic and thread, to our tag and our packaging and everything in between. We also factor in a fee that covers the salary of our employee.


Do you follow workshop cleanliness?

Our workshop follows all the COVID-19 cleanliness rules and regulations as well as all members abiding with general hygiene rules with sanitizing, regular hand washing, disinfectant, wearing of gloves and masks where necessary.

What elastic do you use?

We use a thick wide elastic inside our scrunchies, these are stitched, and reverse stitched repetitively to ensure a strong long-lasting hold.

How do I know what size to use?

All our scrunchies have the same inside elastic size, the fabric width and length is where the sizes vary. The elastic has been perfected to cover a one twist application for almost all hair types. If you have slightly thinner hair, you may be able to twist it twice. If you have thick hair you want the larger fabric so your scrunchie can stand out.

Can children wear the medium size?

Yes, we have had feedback from moms with children (6+ ) that have used the petite and classic size comfortably and happily and prefer it over the " smaller " sizes that are generally made for kids. 

How often do you get new styles?

Our goal is to always have a large variety of colours and material choices to select from and we aim to have regular new styles.

Do you restock the popular scrunchies?

Yes absolutely, we will always be striving to find the styles, colours and material that are your favourites and when we do, we will strive to always have these stocked. If we can't find the exact same match we will do our best to find something similar. 

How much is delivery?

Delivery is currently fixed at R60. Delivery is a straightforward cost to the courier company. If you are new to online shopping, here are the benefits behind delivery:

-          The convenience of having your item delivered directly to your door

-          No traffic

-          No petrol costs getting from A to B.

-          Avoiding contact with people.

-          No paying for parking

-          No paying for your car guard

-          No queues to stand in

-          You can shop at 11pm at night in your pajamas

-          You get to do a happy dance when your delivery arrives


Can I return a product if it is damaged?

Yes you can, as long as it is within 7 days and you alert us right away on email - oliverscrunch@gmail.com, pictures will assist in a quicker process. You will need proof of receipt. Damage can only be structural ( an open seam, a broken elastic ).